Pro Bowl Tickets – A Little Different This Year

by on January 20, 2010 updated January 20, 2010

 I don’t know about you but the Pro Bowl seems just a little wierd this year. While the NFL All Star Game has always been a year end thing, after the Super Bowl,  the 2010 Pro Bowl will be held in Dolphins Stadium and get this, about a week before the Super Bowl. While this means that some of the potential Pro Bowlers on a Super Bowl team won’t make the Pro Bowl I think moving the show was a good idea.

 For one thing, rather than being a wind down kind of game, the Pro Bowl should act to whet our appetites for the Super Bowl. It’s kinf of fitting that the Super Bowl and not the Pro Bowl should finish the season. Let’s end it with a bang and not a whimper. I also think moving the game to the mainland makes ut mush more accessile to the common man. No big Hawain vacation is necessary.


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