Pro Bowl Shenanigans

by on December 17, 2008 updated December 17, 2008

 Welcome back to the latest of Pro Bowl shenanigans. This popularity contest continues to seperate the talented amongst the popular. For the 2009 Pro Bowl you’ll find a popular name on the Roster: Brett Favre of the New York Jets has been named to the AFC squad. While you can’t argue with Favre’s record you have to consider it an honor dubbed on past performance and not his stats of 2009. Then again, who’s to measure the intangible impact of Favre on a formerly mundane team? New York is solidly in the hunt for NFL Playoff tickets and an AFC East title.

 Eli Manning of the New York Giants and brother Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts also make the list. Eli is captain of a dominant Giants team, Payton makes it on past laurels.

 You will also see the return of Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner, a Phoenix rising from the ashes. This pick is, I think, well desrved. Warner is having a great year and has sparked the Cardinals to their first division title in over two decades. Job well done.  


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