Predicting the NFL- My Miserable Failure

by on September 20, 2012 updated September 20, 2012


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Now that I’ve completely failed in my predictions about the Giants vs Panthers game last night, it’s time for me to build on my laurels and toss out a few more predictions about this coming weekend. Remember, if you bet the house on my NFL expertise you’ll wind up cold and lonely in a gutter somewhere drinking Thunderbird and ruminating on what might have been. So fair warning.

┬áSt. Louis Rams vs Chicago Bears – The Rams played pretty well in a win against Washington last week while the Bears got tossed around in Green Bay. Do we go with the rebound and take the Bears or go with the hot hand? I’m taking the Rams in an upset in Chicago because ….I’m an idiot.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Dallas Cowboys – I work with so many Cowboys fans that I’m tempted to go with Tampa Bay just out of spite. But I can’t. Dallas at home against a Bucs team I’m not convinced is ready to win steadily just ye. I’m going with the Cowboys.

San Francisco 49ers vs Minnesota Vikings – No brainer. 49ers.

Philadelphia Eagles vs Arizona Cardinals – Here’s my upset of the week. Everyone’s loving the Eagles so it goes against my grain to join the herd mentality. But the Eagles are one hard hit away from being rudderless and prone to charity. Call this my upset special and take the Cardinals.

New England Patriots vs Baltimore Ravens – Can Big Bill find the motivation to get his team back in the groove after a stunning loss to the Arizona Cardinals? Probably. But I’m liking the whole Ravens defense plus Joe Flaco combination going on here. I like the Ravens.



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