Post Super Bowl Thoughts – Hurrah for New Orleans

by on February 5, 2008 updated February 5, 2008

 Did the New York Giants win the Super Bowl? Really? Who’da thunk it? Only the faithful few. For most of us it was almost a foregone conclusion that the New England Patriots would complete their pre-ordained perfect season and take their place in the annals of the NFl as the best team ever. Now they’ll achieve equal fame as the team that blew the biggest chance in the world to etch their names in history. It’s almost karmic considering the fact that any victory by the Patriots would have been forever tainted by the whole Spygate thing. Not that othet teams in the NFl might not be doing the exact same thing. It’s just that the Patriots are so good. And they got caught.

Anyway, congratulations to the New York Giants and especially to Eli Manning who comes from my hometown of New Orleans. If the New Orleans Saints can’t get there and win it at least a hometown boy can. And let’s not forget, this is the second year in a row that a Manning, and a New Orleans native, has won the Super Bowl. Must be the gumbo.


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