Police Tickets

by on June 23, 2007 updated July 26, 2015

The Police tickets have turned out to be one of the hottest concert tickets of the summer. Years after their breakup, and after dozens of rumors surrounding a reunion, the Police have finally made myth a reality with their 2007 concert tour. For those of us who lived through the original rise and eventual decay of The Police, it’s a chance to recapture some memories. For the younger crowd, weaned on Napster and mass downloading ofeverything under the sun, it’s a chance to see an electric performance by a group that fostered an original sound and a new wave of cool.

But don’t expect The Police tickets to be an annual rite and don’t expect to catch The Police playing the local casino in a few years. It took two decades for this concert tour to become a reality and chances are it won’t be repeated anytime soon. The good news is the tour spans the country, with dates in Los Angeles, Dallas, New Orleans, Montreal, Philly, and Toronto, among others. The other good news is that tickets to The Police are available if you know where to look.

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