Play It Again Sam – Yankees Ship is Sunk – Cubs Turn?

by on August 29, 2008 updated August 29, 2008

 And so the grand experiment begins. Instant replay has hit the MLB. I, for one, kind of liked the idea of keeping things in fallible human hands. The next step will be the elimination of umpires calling balls and strikes. The principle of using technology just because it’s there has infested every aspect of sports nowadays. Besides, how much fun will it be to boo a computer generated replay? Oh well.

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays are still leading in the AL East. The Red Sox trail by a handful of games but the faltering Yankees are out of the playoff picture for all practical purposes. Suddenly, the Big Apple loves the New York Mets. The axles on the old bandwagon are getting creaky.

 In an age where it seems perrenial hard luck jackets are being cast off, I turn my eyes to the Chicago Cubs. Firmly in control of the NL Central, the Cubs have the best record in the National League. Over the next 30 or so games, Chicago plays very few teams that aren’t sporting winning records. In other words, the battle to prove they belong in the World Series is about to begin. The frustration could end soon. I kind of like that idea.    


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