Pittsburgh Steelers Playoffs Tickets – Forged in Adversity

by on November 29, 2011 updated November 29, 2011

Pittsburgh Steelers Playoff Tickets

Pittsburgh Steelers Playoff tickets are pretty much in the bag the way I see it. Yes, the Steelers are locked in a tight battle with the Baltimore Ravens for the AFC North title, but if there’s a way the Steelers can be kept out of the playoff scrum I don’t see it. And you know the Pittsburgh Steelers. If they get into the playoffs they could easily walk away with the whole deal and be the AFC representative in the Super Bowl. The Steelers are Super Bowl forged. They’ve been there in the past and are quite capable of converting playoff tickets into Super Bowl tickets.

Right now the Steelers are in second place at 8-3, tied with the Ravens, but trailing by virtue of an opening day loss to Baltimore. But I’m thinking that Pittsburgh has a favorable schedule in the weeks ahead. With Cleveland on the schedule twice and the St. Louis Rams coming to Pittsburgh, that’s at least three games in the win column. My only doubts are a home game with the Cincinnati Bengals, which the Steelers should win, but hey, Cincinnati is playing well in the 2011 NFl season, and an away game at San Francisco.

I’m seeing Pittsburgh Steelers playoff tickets coming to the Steel City by vurtue of a 12-4 record. I don’t see Baltimore collapsing so an NFC North title would be pushing it. But at 12-4 the Steelers will be right in the thick of things and could very possibly get a game at Heinz Field. Regardless, Steelers Playoff tickets could pay off big. If the Steelers defense gets on a roll and Big Ben comes up with another of his epic performances, the Pittsburgh Steelers will be hard to stop.

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