Pittsburgh Steelers Playoff Tickets – Battle Time

by on December 14, 2011 updated December 14, 2011

Pittsburgh Steelers Playoff Tickets

The Pittsburgh Steelers are engaged in a battle for the AFC North with the Baltimore Ravens but Steelers Playoff tickets are pretty much a sure thing. The Steelers sit at 10-3, along with the Ravens, Texans, and Patriots. The real war going on right now is within the division as the Ravens hold the tiebreakers by virtue of having swept Pittsburgh during the regular season. So to capture the division, the Steelers need the Ravens to fall big time in the last three weeks.

Besides all that, Pittsburgh will make the NFL playoffs again. It means an extra game but that’s become almost a moot point these days as Wild card teams have done extremely well in the playoffs as of late and the Steelers are certainly capable of making a solid run when they get in. But if they want to increase their chances of making another Super Bowl, getting that 1st Round bye would be a big help.

In the last three weeks the Pittsburgh Steelers will be facing the San Francisco 49ers, a team on a real roll and capable of dominating time of possession with their running game and stout defense. From there it’s all gravy as they face off with the St. Louis Rams and Browns. At worst the Steelers finish 12-4, but more likely 13-3. So, it’s Pittsburgh Steelers Playoff Tickets in 2011.


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