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2015 Eagles Tickets – Wild In Philly

updated August 11, 2015by August 11, 2015

2015 Philadelphia Eagles Tickets   Is Chip Kelly just plain crazy or crazy like a fox? The Philadelphia eagles finished 10-6 in 2014 and looked to be priming for a Super Bowl run in 2015. Then Head Coach Chip Kelly got the nod from management to take complete control of the tea. Hang on to […]

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NFL Tickets – Eagles QB Battle

updated May 31, 2015by May 31, 2015

One of the biggest questions surrounding NFL tickets this season is what’s going on with the Philadelphia Eagles. Chip Kelly has taken firm control of the player side of things and he’s made some major moves that have some people scratching their heads. Not the least of these head scratchers is the quarterback situation. Romors […]

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NFL Tickets – Tebow Mania Round…?

updated April 20, 2015by April 20, 2015

The Risk Free Shot By the Philadelphia Eagles   Once again Tim Tebow has NFL ticket buyers abuzz, signing with the Philadelphia Eagles today. The move is being debated far and wide and as usual Tebow has more than his share of supporters and detractors. he may be the most polarizing player in football. If […]

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2014 New York Giants – Do They Have a Shot at the NFC East and the Playoffs?

updated August 7, 2014by August 7, 2014

  5 Reasons the 2014 New York Giants Can Make the Playoffs   Do the New York Giants have a shot at the NFC East title and a spot in the playoffs? Right now the smart money is on the Philadelphia Eagles to take the division and validate the Chip Kelly model. It’s hard to […]

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NFL Tickets – Philadelphia Eagles 2013 Preview

updated August 6, 2013by August 6, 2013

Philadelphia Eagles Schedule and Game Tickets     The great Chip Kelly experiment is on in Philly and quite frankly there’s not a soul out there that knows what’s going to happen. Kelly is bringing winning college football expertise to the NFL, schematically, philosophically, and totally. We won’t go into the failure rate of college […]

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