Philadelphia Eagles Rush to Win over Redskins

by on September 10, 2013 updated September 10, 2013

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First of all I have to admit that I was expecting a lot more from the Washington Redskins. Or maybe less from the Eagles. Or both. But what I wasn’t expecting when the Redskins and the Eagles met up on Monday Night was what I got, a clear case of competency from Philly and a pretty shaky performance from RG3 and the Redskins defense.


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Lest anyone forget, it was the Washington Redskins that put together a winning streak late in season to pick up an NFC East Championship and playoff spot. This came on the heels of a fairly miserable performance early in the season, a time that had Redskins fans and NFL fans already waiting for next season.


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There were two obvious points to be taken from a game in which the Eagles dominated statistically: That Robert Griffin III is suffering the effects of his injury, which kept him out of practice for months and kept him out of every preseason game in 2013. He could have used the warmup time. The second point is that Michael Vick may have found the perfect offense for his skill set, a system that keeps defenses on their heels and winded, while taking advantage of his running ability. If he can stay healthy, and he might not if he keeps getting hit, the Philadelphia Eagles may do some damage in the NFC East and the NFL in general.

Let’s face it, the whole Chip Kelly thing has been one big experiment, scoffed at by football experts. The idea that Kelly could bring a college system into the NFL and be successful isn’t one that’s gained any popularity. Past experience tells us that the pro game is different enough to warrant it’s own set of limitations. Kelly just might prove that football is football and it’s all about executing the play than anything. It has produced one convincing win anyway. We’ll see how it plays out over a whole season.


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