Patriots vs Dolphins – AFC East Hunt

by on October 2, 2010 updated October 2, 2010

 With all the attention being given to the newsworthy New York Jets, both the New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins seem to have been lost in the shuffle. Let’s try and remember that the Patriots have been winning the AFC East for awhile now and that Miami held the title not too long ago. So either team could make a run at it just like the Jets could struggle and lose their Rex Ryan induced edge. In fact, much as my son in law hates to hear it, I’m thinking the Jets will falter along the way and give it up to another team in the division. Which team that is could be decided Monday night when the Patriots and Dolphins meet up in Miami.

 While Miami has been living with the running game, don’t be surprised to see them turn Chad Henne loose on a Patriots defense that hasn’t been very strong against the air game. A lack of pass rush and new faces in the secondary have been spelling trouble for the Patriots. Should that happen in Miami, new England could be the trailing team in the AFC East.


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