Patriots Tickets – Finishing the Season

by on August 18, 2011 updated April 19, 2014

Any discussion of the AFC has to start with the New England Patriots. This is a team that has been a proven performer, consistently makes the playoffs, and has won their share of Super Bowl glory.

But over the past few seasons high expectations have resulted in gig disappointments. After finishing at 14-2 the Patriots got dumped by an up and coming New York Jets team in the playoffs, another bummer of a season for the Patriots. So once again, New England is preparing for an NFL season with a chip on their shoulder.

Of course Tom Brady is a big part of the equation. But for the Patriots to reach the Super Bowl they’ll need a better running game. They hope to find that with BenJarvus Green-Ellis, who should reap the benefit of an improving offensive line. Brady will be looking for a new #1 receiver in Ochocinco

On the other side of the ball the Patriots took a chance on Albert Haynseworth. the troubled defensive lineman via the Washington Redskins. Lining up next to Vince Wilfork and being steeped in the Patriots work ethic could make Haynesworth a new man.

It’s time for Patriots tickets to take their fans back to the promised land. The dynasty is faltering. One more big push could make the New England Patriots favorites again.

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