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PatriotsFather Time is looming over the New England Patriots and the Tom Brady era. While Bill Belichick has kept the Patriots in the running for the past nine season, even making it back to the Super Bowl twice, the Patriots haven’t claimed a title since 2005. Quite frankly, Tom Brady is still playing at a very high level. Belichick hasn’t lost his touch. The truth is, to win a Super Bowl you must have talent, a great plan, and some luck. In 2014 the Patriots have the first two. It remains to be seen if the last item comes their way.

To begin with, word is out that Rob Gronkowski could quite possible be ready for Week 1. Whether that happens or not, Gronkowski will have to be on the field at some point in the season and stay there for the playoffs. His presence opens up the field, draws a defense away from the other weapons, and creates a problem for opposing coaches.

Also in the talent lineup is what may be the best defense the Patriots have fielded since 2005. Having Revis at corner pretty much eliminates, or at lest severely hinders, an opponents top receiver. New England has also spent a considerable number of high draft picks on that side of the ball. With even a decent offense, this team would make the playoffs.

The final part, luck, is already on the side of the 2014 New England Patriots. A look at their schedule is enough to make you shake your head. The Patriots start off like this: Dolphins, Vikings, Raiders, Chiefs, Bengals, Bills, Jets, Bears. In other words, the Patriots could easily be 8-0 before running into the Denver Broncos to start November. Nobody would be surprised. Unless the Patriots suffer some kind of massive disaster, they’ll be playing well into the new year.

While the final curtain may soon ring down on the Tom Brady era, it would be a mistake to think this act is over. Bill Belichick will have the Patriots gunning for an AFC East Championship.


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