Patriots Playoff Tickets – Of Course

by on December 14, 2011 updated December 14, 2011

New England Patriots Playoff Tickets


New England Patriots Playoff Tickets haven’t been locked in yet but I don’t know why anyone is waiting. The patriots are at 10-3 and tied for the lead in the AFC. Their closest competition within the AFC East is the New York jets at 8-3 so barring some kind of major disaster it’s a pretty good bet that Patriots playoff tickets are coming soon. The Patriots have three games remaining and they’d have to drop all three, and the Jets run the table, to miss out on the playoffs.

Interestingly enough, it could be this week that things come into question. It’s  stretch, but the Patriots will have to travel to Denver to meet Tim Tebow and the Broncos and the way things are going it’s hard to bet against Tebow and a Broncos defense that has stifled it’s last six opponents. But win or lose, Patriots playoff tickets will get locked up when the Pats take on Miami and Buffalo in the final two games at home.

So once again fans will enjoy new England Patriots Playoff tickets. I have to say I’m jealous because these Pats fans are used to this. Having a string of playoff appearances must be nice and I hope to become accustomed to it myself.

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