Patriots Playoff Tickets – Brady Bounces Back

by on January 3, 2012 updated January 3, 2012

Patriots Playoff Tickets

Patriots Playoff Tickets

Patriots Playoff Tickets are a great way to catch Tom Brady on the bounceback. For far too long the New England Patriots have been absent from the Super Bowl list of contenders. Now in the 2011 NFL season the New England Patriots have captured the #1 seed and the resulting advantage of home field throughout the playoffs. Any team with designs on an AFC Championship will have to state their case on the field of Gillette Stadium and that’s never an easy thing to do. Want to see Tom Brady and Company bounce back from years of frustration? Check out Patriots Playoff tickets.

But even a diehard Patriots fan would see that a return to the Super Bowl is not going to be easy. It’s going to take some pretty hefty doses of the old Belichick magic to get the Patriots back to form. new England has worked some seeming miracles in 2011, coming back from heavy deficits more than once. Trying to do that against a playoff caliber opponent is a tall order and while Belichick is a master of in game adjustments, falling behind isn’t in the formula for a Super Bowl contender.

Right now the fans with Patriots Playoff tickets are waiting to find out who their opponent will be. The Cincinnati Bengals, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Denver Broncos all have a shot at coming to Gillette Stadium for the Divisional round of the playoffs. All are capable of roughing up a Patriots defense that’s in the bottom of the NFL. You cab bet that New England will be relying heavily on Tom Brady and the offense to not only score but keep the ball away from their opponents offense. It’s nice to have the home field advantage but if New England wants a serious shot at another Super Bowl they’re going to have to clean up their act on defense and give Tom Brady a shot to do what he does best.

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