Patriots-Colts, That’s the Ticket

by on November 1, 2007 updated November 1, 2007

 Well, it’s finally here, the NFL tickets of the year in the regular season. The Patriots-Colts matchup set for Sunday has been talked about since last year’s AFC Championship game. The collision of two undefeated teams is the best the NFL has to offer.

 The New England Patriots look amazingly good, winning seven games by margins of no less than 17. Randy Moss has re-established himself as a premiere NFL wide receiver while Tom Brady is putting up ungodly numbers.

 The Indianapolis Colts have not been as spectacular but it’s hard to find fault with what they’ve done. Being unbeaten and rallying in some tough games may pay off in the biggest game of the year.

 So who’s going to win? Back me up against a wall and I’ll say the Patriots. But the real winners are the fans lucky enough to have tickets to this classic matchup.  


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