Patriots Bills Tickets – Get Em Now

by on August 13, 2009 updated April 19, 2014

 I may be somewhat deluded but I think for NFL fans with a penchant for the AFC East should be on the scout for Patriots Bills tickets. On both ends of the season.

 When Bills vs Patriots tickets open up the regular season in New England, the return of Tom Brady will be a high focus event. Yes, the pre-season will be closely watched. But nothing counts until the regular season and this matchup could set the tone for both teams. In my mind it’s a no-lose situation for the Bills. Nobody expects them to beat the Patriots. All they have to do is play well and it could be a huge jolt to their attitude. Throw in a good game by T.O. against a somewhat aging secondary of the Patriots and you’ve got a real debate on your hands.  Meanwhile, if the Patriots fall, dissapointment sets in and questions arise about the decline of a dynasty. Hmm.

 Patriots at Bills tickets, in Buffalo on Dec 20th, could be even more meaningful. Remember, the Patriots missed the playoffs by one game in 2008. Buffalo is at a crucial point. One more non-winning season and the game could be up for the current regime. If the Bills are even close to a playoff berth it will be a real war. Just something to think about.

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