Orioles Rolling in AL, Giants Surprise National

updated October 4, 2014by October 4, 2014

  Orioles 7, Tigers 6   The Baltimore Orioles just don’t seem to let it bother them. A team capable of scoring at any time did just that, knocking back four runs in the eight inning to secure a 7-6 win in front of the hometown crowd and going up 2-0 in the AL Divisional […]

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Baseball Playoffs – Royals are the Shizzle

updated October 1, 2014by October 1, 2014

 Kansas City Royals Move On   After fizzing out for the better part of three decades the Kansas City Royals became the shizzle last night, taking a 9-8 win over the Oakland A’s to cement a spot in the initial round of the playoffs. With two outs in the 12th inning Salvadore Perez ripped off […]

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NFL News and Rancid Thoughts

updated September 30, 2014by September 30, 2014

More doings around the NFL this week than you can shake a stick at. Is it me or this shaping up top be a watershed season, one of those years where we begin to see some things come to fruition and others fall by the wayside? Are The Patriots Done? Many around the NFL are […]

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NFC South – A Tale of Divergence

updated September 29, 2014by September 29, 2014

Saints and Buccaneers Headed in Opposite Directions   You never know what the NFL is going to bring you. here we are in the fourth week and we’ve got two teams on the slate for analysis. One, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, entered the weekend 0-3 and coming off a total blowout. The New Orleans Saints […]

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NFL Week 4 Matchups – Part 1

updated September 25, 2014by September 25, 2014

Banged Up Bowl Redskins vs Giants – NFC East games are intense rivalries that tend to bring out the best on both teams. Tonight, the Washington Redskins and New York Giants will meet at Fedex Field and it’s my guess that both teams are just hoping to finish without having to ask for volunteers from […]

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