NFL Week 4 Matchups – Part 1

updated September 25, 2014by September 25, 2014

Banged Up Bowl Redskins vs Giants – NFC East games are intense rivalries that tend to bring out the best on both teams. Tonight, the Washington Redskins and New York Giants will meet at Fedex Field and it’s my guess that both teams are just hoping to finish without having to ask for volunteers from […]

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Yankees Out of the Playoffs and Other Baseball Stuff

updated September 24, 2014by September 24, 2014

Well, that’s it for the New York Yankees. Yesterday the sun was shining for a while and everything looked good. New York was sitting pretty with a three-run lead over the Baltimore Orioles and still in the running. Those hopes were dashed with an Orioles rally and a 9-5 loss that eliminates the Yankees from […]

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The NFC – Three Games In

updated September 23, 2014by September 23, 2014

    We’re now three games into the NFL 2014 season and there are a few things that bear watching. Let’s take a look at the standings, point a few NFC teams that are surprising for either the good or the bad. bear in mind that these standings will change. With 13 games to go […]

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NFL Football – It Ain’t Always Pretty

updated September 22, 2014by September 22, 2014

 OR: What Not to Do at an NFL Game   I have to admit I love the NFL. I’ll even tell you my team, which is the New Orleans Saints. I’ve been a vehement fan of the Saints since the first game in Tulane Stadium. No, I wasn’t there, but I heard about it. In […]

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NFL Recaps – Week 3

updated September 21, 2014by September 21, 2014

    Week 3 of the 2014 NFL season brought some surprises and some close games. We begin with the best game of the day and the most surprising game of the day. Seattle Seahawks 26, Denver Broncos 20 – Peyton Manning drove his team 80 yards and converted a two point play to send […]

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