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updated June 11, 2015by June 11, 2015

[maxbutton id=”11″] ┬áChip Kelly Takes No Guff   Guff isn’t the word we were going to use but it’s the only one we thought was appropriate for a G rated blog. Chip Kelly of the Philadelphia Eagles has taken complete control of the team, both from a coaching aspect and from a personnel aspect. If […]

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James, Dellavedova Push Cavs to 2-1 in NBA Finals

updated June 10, 2015by June 10, 2015

    [maxbutton id=”41″]   The Cavaliers are cruising now, though there remains a long way to go. If Cavaliers fans had to draw this up they couldn’t do a better job. Cleveland has established one fact beyond any doubt: They are capable of beating the Golden State warriors in this series. Note the following […]

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Cavaliers vs Warriors Game 3 – NBA Finals Tickets

updated June 9, 2015by June 9, 2015

  ┬áCavaliers Can Change this NBA Finals [maxbutton id=”41″]   This may be the most interesting NBA Finals ticket of the series right here as the Golden State Warriors go to Cleveland to take on the Cavaliers. Surprisingly enough, Cleveland tied the series at 1-1 with an overtime win on the road in the last […]

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NBA Finals Tickets – Best to Get Them Now

updated June 6, 2015by June 6, 2015

  NBA Finals Tickets – Game 2   The NBA Finals kicked off Thursday night and it was a great start to the series, with the Golden State Warriors taking an overtime win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. Anyone who thought the Warriors were going to overrun Cleveland was surprised at how well the Cavaliers were […]

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NBA Finals Tickets – Golden State vs Cleveland Begins

updated June 4, 2015by June 4, 2015

  NBA Finals Tickets – We have ‘Em   If you have NBA Finals tickets your night has finally arrived. The Cleveland cavaliers will visit the Golden State Warriors tonight in Round One of the NBA Finals and the series should be a good one. Of course, the onus is on both teams to end […]

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