NFL Tickets – Shocker in Buffalo

updated December 14, 2014by December 14, 2014

Bills Upset Packers 21-13      The NFL will humble you. Last week I talked about how dominant the Green Bay packers were, how they would carry things out to the obvious end and win out to capture the top seed in the NFL. This is why NFL tickets are valuable, because you get to […]

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NFL Football – There’s Life in Them Cardinals (Playoff Tickets)

updated December 12, 2014by December 12, 2014

  Arizona Cardinals Should Reap Playoff Tickets   Cardinals Playoff Tickets   Should you be thinking about NFL playoff tickets for the Arizona Cardinals. I have to admit I have a soft spot for these guys, a franchise that has been downtrodden for more years than most and only recently began an upsurge that has […]

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NFL Tickets – News, Playoff Tickets, Long Shots

updated December 10, 2014by December 10, 2014

 NFL Tickets head into the Stretch (Playoff Around the Corner)  This folks, is the real nitty gritty part of the 2014 NFL season, the time of year when every single play carries obvious consequences and the heights of elation and the depths of despair are staring us in the face. To begin with, let’s list […]

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NFL Tickets – Green Bay Packers Cruising, Barking Dogs, and Manziel

updated December 9, 2014by December 9, 2014

  Packers Favorites for NFC #1 Seed   The Green Bay Packers look to be the class of the NFC at this point. If you watched their win over the Atlanta Falcons, at least their performance in the first half, you have some idea of just how deadly this team can be. Given the almost […]

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NFL Upset Picks Week 14 – Tickets to the Postseason

updated December 5, 2014by December 5, 2014

Here’s where NFL teams begin to earn their tickets to the postseason, in the gritty cold of December. There are plenty of close races going on and this weekend will bring clarity to some and muddle others. Expect some upsets, which is why you are here and now I’m going to stick my neck out […]

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