Packers Tickets – Welcome Back Brett (Again)

by on October 20, 2010 updated October 20, 2010

As if the Minnesota Vikings Brett Favre didn’t have enough on his mind he’s now got to head back to Green Bay, to Lambeau Field where it all began, and face his old team in the Green Bay Packers. This is coming on top of tendinitis, a bum ankle, and the furor over Favre allegedly sending pics and text that were “inappropriate” to another employee of the Jets.

But it could be a heck of a lot worse. remember, while the Minnesota Vikings aren’t clicking, the Packers are on a thrill ride of injury, watching players fall like bowling pins. And while they can score, they haven’t been successful at stopping Favre when he comes back. The guy has done very well in his last few games on his old turf.

If Green Bay Packers tickets have any meaning, this is a game for the history books. It’s odds on Brett Favres last game at Lambeau Field and Packers ticket holders will be in a frenzy to make sure it’s a losing appearance. They love the guy (mostly_ but there’s nothing better than rubbing it in the face of a former lover.


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