Packers Tickets – Green Machine Rolls to Playoff Showdown with Packers

by on December 27, 2010 updated April 19, 2014

Green Bay Packers tickets may be ready to reap big rewards as the Pack rolled to a 45-17 win over the New York Giants. In a game that New York had to win, the Packers dominated in every aspect. It was also a proof that Aaron Rodgers is a key element of the Green Bay Packers attack. As well as they played last week, the Green Bay offense is simply dominant when Rodgers is on the field.

Now Green Bay is set up to earn a playoff berth on their own. The Packers must win against Chicago next Sunday in Green Bay. Opinion is divided as to how good the Chicago Bears actually are. They’ve won the NFC North, but somehow none of the football experts seem to believe they’re Super Bowl material. We’ve heard that before. Should the Pack fall, both the Giants and Bucs must lose for Green Bay to enter the playoffs. If they get there they’ll be dangerous. I’m thinking they’ll lock it up this week.

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