Packers Playoff Tickets – Repeat?

by on January 3, 2012 updated January 3, 2012

Packers Playoff Tickets

Green Bay Packers

Packers Playoff Tickets are here for the second year in a row and this time the Green Bay Packers are in even better position to win a super Bowl. Last season the Packers had to fight their way through a Wild Card Schedule to get to the Super Bowl but in the 2011 NFL season the Green Bay Packers finished at the head of the class. By posting a 15-1 record Green Bay earned the #1 seed in the playoffs, which carries a bye week and home field advantage throughout. Packers Playoff tickets, Lambeau Field in the dead of winter? Smells like Super Bowl tickets are on the way too.

Packers Playoff tickets will bring either the Detroit Lions, New York Giants, or Atlanta Falcons to Lambeau Field. Frankly, I can’t see the Lions beating the Saints in the Superdome. But since the Packers have owned the Lions this season I think that scenario can be marked down as a trip to the NFC Championship. The Giants and Falcons are a tossup. Either is capable of making the next step but neither seems to me to be capable of beating the Packers. It all boils down to either the San Francisco 49ers or the New Orleans Saints in Lambeau Field for the NFC Championship. At least that’s the way I see it.

What is unknown here is whether the Green Bay Packers can maintain this roll. A loss at Kansas City and a close game against the Lions in the season finale, has some becoming wary of the Packers momentum falling off. It remains to be seen if a week off can revive the seemingly unbeatable atmosphere that carried this team most of the season. The loss of Greg Jennings is also a concern. But all things considered, the depth of the Packers and the home advantage of Lambeau Field, things look good for Packers Playoff tickets.

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