Packers Playoff Tickets – Going Green

by on December 14, 2011 updated December 14, 2011

From all indications it’s going to be a green Christmas. Green Bay Packers Playoff tickets green. The Packers are engaged in an almost unstoppable parade to the Super Bowl. Of course anything can happen in the current NFL, but if any team seemed a lock for an NFL title it’s the Green Bay Packers.

But let’s be careful because we’ve seen this before. The Packers are like the New England Patriots, who put down a perfect season only to see it all evaporate when the met the Giants in the Super Bowl. So let’s confine ourselves to the inevitability of Green Bay Packers playoff tickets and just go from there. You will be enjoying the post-season in Lambeau Field, so get used to the idea and get your cheesehead ready.

The Packers have three games remaining. The first is a trip to play the Kansas City Chiefs, which can be penciled in as a win. Next comes a home stand against the Chicago Bears who are so crippled and disheveled they can’t be expected to beat Green Bay in Lambeau. Finally, the Packers will meet the Detroit Lions in a completely meaningless game for them, although it could have a bearing on the Lions playoff hopes. It’s at this point the Packers will kick back, take their bye week, and their fans will be waiting to see what fruit their Green Bay Packers playoff tickets will bear.

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