Packers vs Bears | NFC North Shootout

by on December 14, 2012 updated December 14, 2012


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The Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears will meet this Sunday in a showdown that could very well determine the NFC North title. The Packers currently hold the winning card with a single game lead over the Bears. But quite frankly Green Bay has not been playing well this season, mostly due to injuries on defense. The Bears meanwhile have been saddled with an injury to Cutler, who was listed on the injury report as having both knee and neck problems.

Bottom line is that the Chicago Bears have to have Cutler on the field in order to be competitive against Green Bay. They’ve done alright in the past when Cutler was injured but alright isn’t gonna cut it. Jay Cutler, despite his tendency to enrage everyone around him, somehow seems to find a way to to make the Bears offense operate despite the fact that he literally has no offensive line.

The Packers should get a boost from the return of Clay Mathews this week. Mathews has been sidelined for four weeks due to a hamstring injury and the Green Bay defense has suffered accordingly. reports are that the linebacker practiced all week and looks good. His return sets up a run situation for the Packers, the possibility of a string of wins that could put them back into contention for a Super Bowl.

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