Outback Bowl Tickets – Spartans vs Bulldogs

by on December 6, 2011 updated December 6, 2011

Outback Bowl Tickets


I’m looking around the whole bowl game scenario and thinking that Outback Bowl tickets would be a good way to go. For the sake of disclosure, I’m an SEC follower and despite the hoopla surrounding the BCS National Championship Game between LSU and Alabama, this Outback Bowl has it’s own attractions.

The 2012 Outback Bowl features the Michigan State Spartans vs Georgia Bulldogs. Both teams faced formidable opposition during the college football season and both came out looking pretty good. The Georgia Bulldogs were 7-1 in the SEC, no mean feat. the Michigan State Spartans were 7-1 in the Big ten, again a considerable accomplishment. The Bulldogs especially impressed me with their ability to play to the final gun, having come back and won games many under circumstances that would have had some college football teams folding their tents.

If you can’t make any of the BCS Bowls, and have some time on your hands, look into Outback Bowl tickets. I think the matchup between SEC and Big ten is a good one, and I think the Spartans and Bulldogs will put on a good show.

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