Out of the Frying Pan

by on August 12, 2007 updated April 19, 2014

After 10 straight days of scorching heat, a furnace that has left most of the country gasping for air like dying fish, I though it might behoove us to look to the great northwest for relief from the thermometer and the boredom of summer on its last legs. Take a trip with me to
Seattle where the weather is at least rainy and not a relentlessly scorching ordeal.


Of course you’ll need some diversion once you arrive in the city with the needle so let’s take a look at some of the better tickets in
Seattle over the next few weeks. On Oct. 25the the Seattle Seahawks will welcome the Minnesota Vikings to Qwest Field. Hang around a few more days and you can catch the Raiders to cap off an NFL Week.

If the NFl isn’t your bag maybe Daughtry tickets will scratch that itch. Daughtry is scheduled for the 25th at the Showbox Theatre. Or maybe Josh Groban tickets on the 18th at Key Arena to start the week and Daughtry to finish it up.


Too many decisions for me. Hopefully this massive heat wave will start to ease off and we can all escape the chains of air conditioning and get out some more. If yopu’re headed for the best coast and planning on spending some time in Washington, check out the Seattle tickets page and lock down your entertainment first. 

NOTE: Dancin Dave and his swelled head will be posting his football picks later in the week so be sure to check back.  


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