New Orleans Saints – NFL News Magnets Shredded and Beheaded

by on August 23, 2012 updated August 23, 2012


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Is there any team in the NFL that’s drawn more attention in the news than the New Orleans Saints? These guys are like news magnets, with the media licking their chops every day on every tidbit that falls from the organization. The long off-season was an orgy of coverage and though the storm has receded it’s still rumbling in the background. When the regular season finally starts you can bet the Saints will be sliced, diced, and dissected on every play. God help them when they lose a game. It will all come back to the whole pay for play situation. The only way the Saints can end this thing is to go undefeated and win the Super Bowl in their home stadium. That would pretty much shut everyone up.

The latest news is that Aaron Kromer will assume head coaching duties during the first six game while Joe Vitt, who is filling in for Sean Payton, is out. Kromer is officially the offensive line coach for the Saints and has been with the franchise for 5 years. His nomination allows Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael Jr. a free hand in running the offense, which he did last season when Payton was injured in a sideline mishap.

If the New Orleans saints can have a winning season it’s going to be perhaps the most impressive feat in the National Football League since the Arizona Cardinals went to the Super Bowl. An NFL team that’s been shredded, beheaded, dissed, investigated, libeled, and lamented, the New Orleans Saints face a challenge no NFL team has ever seen and probably no NFL team will ever see again. The Patriots Spygate drama was insignificant compared to this.

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