New Orleans Saints – The Fashionable New Target of the Anonymous

by on April 24, 2012 updated April 24, 2012

“The coward only threatens when he is safe.” – Goethe

The New Orleans Saints suffered from their inception until the arrival of Sean Payton. Most of those wounds were self-inflicted of course and there was nobody to blame. The latest woes of the Saints are in no small part self-inflicted. But is there any doubt that the New Orleans Saints have become the new whipping boy of the NFL and the sports world in general?
The latest allegations revolve around the accusation, anonymous of course, the GM Mickey Loomis was able to listen in to opposing coaches during games. Obviously this would yield a competitive advantage but for right now it seems to me that this is just a chance for some people to kick the Saints while they are still reeling from the bounty scandal. I have a real problem with accusations thrown out by individuals unwilling to reveal their identities. It”s just too easy.
How does this work? Do you wake up one morning and say to yourself ” I’m morally outraged at this situation, but not so morally outraged that I want to stand up publicly.” Is that how it works? It seems to me a cowardly thing to accuse someone of wrongdoing and hide behind the news media, which will of course publish anything they believe will draw attention, never mind that the facts aren’t clear or that everything is unsubstantiated. Just throw it out there and see what sticks.
The New Orleans Saints, having finally achieved competitiveness, are now targets of the NFL, which is using them as a whipping boy to make brownie points in their legal battles, and every Tom, Dick, and Harry who has a grudge but not enough moral fiber to come out from under their rocks. You want an accusation? Here’s one. If you can’t reveal your name to the media in a situation like this, in order to allow the public to judge you on your own merits, then you’re a coward.

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