New Orleans Saints – Counting Coup

by on March 3, 2012 updated March 3, 2012

The New Orleans Saints have been caught out :counting coup” or as the media are calling it “Bounty Hunting.” This is where defensive players are rewarded with cash when they deal out stunning hits that jar another player enough to have him helped off the field. Extra dollars land in your pocket if the player is carted off or doesn’t return to the game.
The NFL has resoundingly outlawed this type of behavior and the New Orleans Saints will undoubtedly face disciplinary action. And they should. While this type of behavior isn’t restricted to the Saints organization, new Orleans is the first team lately to be caught doing it. A surprising fact that has done real damage to the Saints organization, Head Coach Sean Payton, then Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams, and GM Mickey Loomis who supposedly turned his back on the whole thing.
While the rest of the NFL snickers, the Saints will be dealing with the fallout for awhile, as penalties could include the loss of draft choices, but maybe just as importantly, the loss of attraction free agent players feel when they look over the Saints roster. Could it also result in more penalties as officials pay close attention to the Saints defense and how they hit? Maybe.
It’s a sad footnote to what has otherwise been a class act in the NFL. Loomis and Payton have done a fine job in New Orleans, and this is just a smear on the record of two class individuals and New Orleans itself.

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