New Orleans Hornets – The Giant Killers

by on February 18, 2012 updated April 19, 2014

I would hardly have expected the New Orleans Hornets to be the team that made Jeremy Lin look human. Even from Afghanistan I’ve been watching the Hornets put up some less than stellar numbers. In fact, when I was home on R&R I chose playing with my grandson over going to a Hornets game. Maybe I made a mistake.
So when I saw this morning that the New Orleans Hornets had knocked off the New York Knicks I was a little surprised. The New Orleans Hornets hardly seemed the team to knock off the giant of the NBA so far this year. But they did. Overall it was a good defensive performance, one that saw the Hornets force Lin into nine turnovers on a night he described as “lackluster.” The loss ended a seven game winning streak by the Knicks and some have said that this the beginning of the end of a marvelous run, that some how it was all smoke and mirrors.
It’s a little early for me to say that. Jeremy Lin is an obviously talented player. I think this was just a bad night. But I do expect teams to be looking closely at the Giants Killers to see how they did it.

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