Orlando Magic Can’t Beat the Cavaliers – Can They?

by on May 19, 2009 updated April 19, 2014

 Taking the long viewpoint it seems like the Cleveland Cavaliers have been destined for an Eastern Conference Championship since the first game of the season. They’ve got an astounding record overall, an absolutely stunning home record, and arguably the best player in the NBA. So it seems almost saddening to contemplate the Orlando Magic having to beat Cleveland in a 7-Game series, which, if it goes that far, will feature four in Cavaliers territory.

 Don’t be so quick to judge. there are no certainties in this world where NBA Championships are concerned. a hot streak from an unexpected source, an injury to a key player, bad biorythms, or one bad call can change the complexion of the series. Then think of this. The Magic do not match up badly against Cleveland. In fact, they hold a decided edge over the last dozen games or so. Just getting to the Eastern Conference Finals has been unexpected so why not wish upon that star once again and ride The Magic to the NBA Finals?

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