Oregon Ducks vs Stanford Cardinals Tickets – Gotcha

by on November 12, 2011 updated April 19, 2014

Oregon Ducks vs Stanford Cardinal Tickets


College football has gotcha now! Finally a regular season game that even the most nonchalant of college football fans can sink his or her teeth into. This Oregon Ducks vs Stanford Cardinals game is pretty much all you could ask for.

1) The Stanford Cardinal are ranked #3 and have a good shot at playing for a BCS National Championship

2) The Oregon Ducks are ranked #6, their only loss coming to #1 LSU>

3) Oregon runs a fast paced, virtually no huddle offense that keeps defenders winded and spread sideline to sideline, Each DB, and often linebackers, are on an island

4) The Stanford Cardinal, with Andrew Luck under center, run a versatile offense that likes to throw the ball out of multiple formations.

5) Both Stanford and Oregon are quite capable of scoring massive amounts of points. This could be one of those “last guy with the ball wins” kind of games.

6) Both Stanford and Oregon have beaten each other in high scoring fast paced games within the last two years.

All told, Ducks vs Cardinal tickets may be better than college bowl game tickets this season, OK, that’s a tretch. But this will definitely be a scoring frenzy, and that’s what folks like to see.


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