US Open Golf – McIlroy on Top

by on June 19, 2011 updated April 19, 2014

The US Open makes champions. Or maybe champions make the US Open. Whether it’s vice versa or versa vice, what happened at the US Open this week was pretty much a champion making event. Or at least it’s a significant performance that could put the world of golf on notice. We may have witnessed the birth of the next golfing great, a guy who can bring the world of golf into focus, given the complete collapse of Tiger Woods and his inability to get back on track.

Rory McIlroy took the US Open, and the world of golf by storm with his astounding play this week. By the time it was over, there was no standing in the way of McIlroy and his steamroller game. McIroy walked away with the US Open and in doing so set records for lowest overall score at 268, was 12 under par, went under par in every round, and is the second youngest player ever to win the US Open at 22 years and one month.

All in all it’s the most impressive golf outing in recent memory and it comes from a guy who made the word “choke’ the most used word in golf writing just a few months ago. What does it say about Rory McIlroy that he could shake that off, thrive under pressure, and win the US Open with all eyes waiting for him to crack? It says get ready, the kid could be next big thing in golf.

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