OOOH – Lakers Jackson Diss on Nash

by on May 15, 2010 updated May 15, 2010

 Well, the Los Angeles Lakers series against the Sun is getting off to a good start. Lakers Coach Phil Jackson got the ball rolling with a comment about the difficulty of practicing because “you can’t carry the ball like he does.” From my point of view Jackson really shouldn’t have much to say. The entire NBA seems to turn a blind eye to traveling, as long as the traveler performs some type of acrobatic move at the basket.

 It’s a compliant I’ve heard against more teams than just the Phoenix Suns. My Kobe-hating friend is always quick to point out the same trait, and the NBS’s unwillingness to call it, every time we watch a game. As a good coach, Phil Jackson should be instructing his Lakers to carry as much as possible and lay out in a flamboyant leap at the end of every run.


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