OOH, OOH, Woods Must EARN His Spot

by on May 24, 2010 updated April 19, 2014

 Well, this is a change. After years of constant worship, free passes, and undiminished glory, Tiger Woods now has to earn a roster spot for the Ryder Cup. Seriously? Now let’s think. Do you think the team leaders will deny Tiger Woods a spot. Maybe if he arrived with two broken arms and a neck brace. Which he might if his old lady could get ahold of him. But I digress.

 I’d like to see this happen. Not the broken arm part but the earning part. Let’s face it, Tiger Woods hasn’t covered himself in glory since his return from the fog of marital infidelity. Yeah, he did OK at The Masters but since then his problems have been well documented. This is a no lose situation. Either he makes the Ryder Cup squad by playing brilliantly, which is good, or the Ryder Cup process is showcased as the fairest selection process in the game. Tiger, win and you’re in.

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