Oklahoma Sooners Tickets – Aggravating Dave

by on July 18, 2008 updated April 19, 2014

 In a poll I will refrain from naming, the Oklahoma Sooners are ranked at #4 in the pre-season college football standings. My friend David Purdum, the best writer ever to grace the pages of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, and the second best writer to grace the pages of the Slidell Sentry, is no doubt arguing that Stoop’s troops are a lockdown for the BCS National Championship game. He says that every year. Let’s examine the argument:

True: The Sooners defense will be formidable. Stoops has had his team in a BCS Bowl for the last what? Four years? Oklahoma has another great running back in DeMarco Murray and a quarterback with almost unlimited potential in Sam Bradford.

Now here’s my argument against” #1, Dave roots for them and that’s the kiss of death #2, yes, they’ve been in four straight BCS Bowls but they’ve lost them all. #3, in all likelihood they’ll be facing a team out of the SEC and won’t have a chance. 

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