Oklahoma Sooners Crush Texas Tech

by on November 23, 2008 updated November 23, 2008

 This was an old fashioned butt whipping. Anytime you beat someone 65-21 you’ve dished out some pain. Was anyome surprised? Yes, I was. While I know the  Oklahoma Sooners are one of the best teams in the country (My friend Dancin Dave Purdum constantly reminds me), I wasn’t expecting this. Texas Tech was on a roll and looking dominant. The Sooners dealt a crushing blow to their season and elevated themselves into contention for a shot at a BCS National Championship Game appearance in my opinion. Dancin Dave is now Dancin on the Tables Dave. Congrats you soon to be Papa.

Speaking of Papas. Papa Joe Paterno and his Penn State Nittany Lions in the Rose Bowl should be a winner this year. Old Joe gives me renewed hope for my old age. Heck, if he can still be sharp enough to take a college football team to the Rose Bowl I should be able to get something done too right? Right? Right? Hello?


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