Ohio State Buckeyes Getting Shaky?

by on October 21, 2007 updated October 21, 2007

 The Ohio State Buckeyes have moved up to the top of the BCS polls of late, an Buckeyes ticket holders are eyeing up a BCS National Championship. But if I was an Ohio State fan I’d be getting nervous about occupying a top spot in the polls. If there’s ever been a year to make a late rally and claim the throne at the end of the college football season this is it.

 Over the last few weeks we’ve seen USC, LSU, and South Carolina fall to unranked teams. This last weekend the Buckeyes looked rattled but still held on to a 24-17 win over Michigan State. Not looking good is still a crime with the BCS. More to the point, in a season of fallen heroes, can Ohio State remain the last great hope?  


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