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by on August 29, 2012 updated August 29, 2012


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OK, so now we get to watch replacement NFL officials. I’m old enough to remember when we got to watch replacement NFL players. It really wasn’t that bad and I distinctly remember watching John Fourcade quarterback the New Orleans Saints in a replacement game. Brings back some memories. But we lived through that and we’ll live through the replacement officials.

What you’ve got to remember is that these guys aren’t the next level of football officials. No, the next level of football officials are busy preparing to do what they always do which is officiate at top level college football games. the guys we’re seeing on the fields of the NFL at the moment are the guys who replace those college football officials. Kind of a third string version of officials.

I would be the last guy to tell you that I know all the ins and outs of this dispute. But I do remember seeing the money figures awhile back and they weren’t all that far apart. I’m thinking that a few more games of missed calls and God forbid, one massive screwup that will make the difference in a close game and the NFL and the officials will get back together and hammer this thing out. Meanwhile let’s remember that the guys currently calling the games are doing the best they can and trying to do what everyone wants to do, which is move to the next level. It’s absurd to think that the NFL will employ anything but top quality officials and it’s absurd to think we’re going to be seeing these guys all season long. Ain’t gonna happen.

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