Oakland A’s Tickets – Mannying Up

by on February 25, 2012 updated February 25, 2012

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The Oakland Athletics have committed to rebuilding their team and the process has begun. Let’s face it, the A’s are going to have a hard time in the American League West. They know it and we know it. So if you’re an Athletics fans you might as well buckle up for the long haul. The situation may not be to the liking of the average baseball fan, who wants to win and win now, but if you’re a baseball purist and you enjoy the whole process of putting a team together, then this is your bag.
The Oakland A’s are spinning off proven talent and reaching for future stars. Gone are Trevor Cahill, Gio Gonzales, and Andrew Bailey. Billy Beane, who’s managed to piece together a fiverse group with particular talents in the past, now faces the biggest challenge of his life.
So it came as somewhat of a surprise when Manny Ramirez showed up at the A’s training camp the other day to take another crack at Major league Baseball. He still faces a 50-game suspension and his contract is way on the low scale but Ramirez seems committed to proving he can come back from personal problems and add value to an MLB roster. And the odds are good that he can. He’ll have to begin in the minors and work his way up, but Ramirez says he’s dedicated himself to the process. He’s manned up to past mistakes and that’s the only way to start. We’ll see what happens with the great Manny Ramirez experiment in the coming weeks.

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