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Kansas City Chiefs vs Oakland Raiders – Tale of Two Cities

updated November 20, 2014by November 20, 2014

The Oakland Raiders have a chance to do what no other NFL team has managed to do in 2014, which is go 0-11 and set themselves up for a run at a 0-16 season. Meanwhile Division rival Kansas City is now trying to add to their 5-0 run and gain themselves some edge over the […]

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NFL Tickets – Flynn Flops, Pryor Prevails

updated September 3, 2013by September 3, 2013

  Oakland Raiders Schedule and Game Tickets   At the end of the 2011 season Matt Flynn was among the most sought after free agent quarterbacks around. he was coming off several seasons learning the ropes under Aaron Rodgers and made a huge impression in a game against Detroit, tossing five touchdowns. When the dust […]

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NFL Tickets – Oakland Raiders 2013 Preview

updated August 1, 2013by August 1, 2013

Oakland Raiders Football Schedule       The Oakland Raiders suffered through a 4-12 season in 2012. To get back to their feared status of the past will take some time. Shedding the legacy of Al Davis in his last decade of seemingly deranged management is the primary job of the new regime. NFL ticket […]

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