Notre Dame Football Tickets – Weis Makes a Stand

by on August 19, 2009 updated August 19, 2009

  It’s time for Charlie Weis to make his stand. The likeable Head Coach of Notre Dame has had enough time to build a winning program and restore the glory of the Fighting Irish. No excuses will be accepted in the 2009 college football season.

 Five years is a long time. Plenty long enough to make major strides in a football program. Charlie Weis came to Notre Dame with all the right credentials. But after watching their Irish struggle to be even respectable for the last two seasons, Notre Dame fans, including my son in law, are getting their backs up. They need some wins, like, double digits wins. They need a bowl game, and not a minor bow, a BCS Bowl. Anything less and Weis will feel the heat of fans and alumni calling for his head.

 The early Weiss years went well. Well enough for the Irish to play the BCS  circuit. But then Brady Quinn found another job and recruiting didn’t go too well and Notre Dame sank into the mire. Embarrasing losses to USC and a devastating whipping by Navy got fans backs up. It all seems too painful to dredge up.

 2009 Notre Dame football tickets will make or break Charlie Weis. He seems to know it. He spent the offseason rebuilding his coaching staff and taking greater control over on the field playcalling. Will it work out? One thing in his favor, he still has several years remaining on a contract, so squeezing out 8 or 9 wins might save his job if he can pull off good showing against USC. And not lose to Navy.


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