Notre Dame Fighting Irish – Divine Intervention and Growing Up

by on July 16, 2008 updated April 19, 2014

 Remembering the 2007 Notre Dame season is good for one for reason. It gives us perspective on what needs to be done to make Notre Dame football tickets respectable again. Let’s face it, a 3-9 season for the Hallowed Fighting Irish just ain’t cutting it. My son in law is a died in the wool Notre Dame fan and to say he suffered is to say Mother Teresa was an OK person. What’s the scoop on 2008 Notre Dame football tickets?

Charlie Weiss is a solid coach but he got stuck with player problems in 2008. He had young guys thrown into the mix who probably weren’t ready. He also had a problem getting the units to jell and relequishing control to his assistants. Put it all together and it spells 3-9.

The 2008 Notre Dame season promises to be different in a markedly better way. We’re not talking Top Ten ranking, just  abetter football team. Jimmy Clausen went through a crash course in college football quarterbacking in 2007 and should be the better for it this season. Call it a trial by fire. Ditto for running backs Robert Hughes and Armando Allen. Last year’s freshman wide receiver Duval Kamara was another one singed by experience. All will be better, craftier, calmer players in 2008.

Weiss has never been seen as a defensive guy. New defensive coordinator Jon Tenuta is an improvement. He’ll change the style to a more aggressive character and maybe create some big plays.

Notre Dame will have the chance for a better start in 2008 so get your Fighting Irish tickets early. In the opening weeks of the season the team will hang around the homefront of Notre Dame Stadium for games against the Michigan Wolverines, Purdue Boilermakers, Stanford Cardinals, along with San Diego State in the opener.

All in all look for Notre Dame Fighting Irish tickets to deliver a better season, I’m thinking 6-6 or maybe even 7-9. A definite step in the right direrction and when Weiss’s young guns hit their senior season two years from now they’ll be back in the spotlighit in a good way. 

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