Nobody Named Norv – Part III

by on February 21, 2010 updated February 21, 2010

 I’ve just finished a little reading on the NFL. I happened to peruse the San Diego Chargers website fan website Bolts From the Blue and on it there’s an article debating the merits of Norv Turner. In my excitement over the Saints winning the Super Bowl, I forgot about my annual Norv Turner – San Diego Chargers prediction.

 While the article went into pretty good detail about the benefits and shortcomings of Norv Turner, my prediction is pretty simple. NOBODY NAMED NORV WILL WIN THE SUPER BOWL. That’s in a nutshell. I’ve made this prediction every season since Norv went to the San Diego Chargers and I’ve still correctumundo. Norv’s a great guy and a good coach. He’s just got the wrong name.


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