No Doubt Tickets – Get Em While They’re Hot

by on May 25, 2009 updated April 19, 2014

No Doubt about it, No Doubt tickets for their latest tour may be the most sought after concert tickets of 2009. It’s been a long five years since Gwen Stefani and crew have taken to the road and the demand for LIVE No Doubt hasn’t dissipated. If anything it’s intensified.


 While most fans expected a new album before No Doubt went on tour that hasn’t happened. Maybe it’s better that way. After all, if the inspiration isn’t there, and Stefani has said it wasn’t, sometimes it’s best to fall back to basics. For No Doubt, those basics include, Just a Girl, Ex-Girlfriend, and Underneath it all. Fans, including myself, don’t have a problem with that. I’ve sat through too many concerts where sub-par new material was shoved down my throat while the best of the past was laid to rest. I’m all for fresh material but it’s got to be up to par. For No Doubt fans in 2009 that means a rejuvenated No Doubt re-inventing the wheel that rolled them to the top in the first place.  

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