NFL Tickets – Week 5 Matchups I Like

by on October 4, 2012 updated October 6, 2012


NFL Football Tickets


NFL tickets in Week 5 offers some interesting matchups, maybe not important ones but games that I think could offer some interesting insights into the whole NFL world.

On Sunday, suspended New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton will be allowed to attend the Saints vs Chargers game in the Superdome. This is a slackening of the no contact mandate levied on Payton for the bounty scandal. The question I have is: Why would he want to go? he’s not going to be allowed to meet with players or coaches and the Saints have been so bad lately that even I’m questioning if I want to wake up and watch it on AFN.

Houston Texans vs New York Jets – The cries for Tim Tebow will get even louder this Sunday. The Jets got humiliated last week and the Texans won’t show anymore mercy. The calls for Rex Ryans head reach epic proportions. The beginning of the end and the hunt for a new head coach will have the seeds planted this week.

Philadelphia Eagles vs Pittsburgh Steelers – The Eagles look like they may have some of their problems behind them. A win here would solidify a team that has shown promise but has been underperforming.

Atlanta Falcons vs Washington Redskins – In my last post I wrote that I was impressed with Robert Griffin III. What I’m looking for is a breakout performance, a signature win so to speak. If the Redskins can beat the unbeaten Falcons we’ll have that.

Seattle Seahawks vs Carolina Panthers – A battle between two of the better young quarterbacks in the NFL and one well worth watching. I think we’re on the verge of catching a new generation of signal callers in the NFL and these two, along with Griffin, could be the leading edge.




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