Nittany Lions Tickets – The Older the Violin

by on November 3, 2011 updated November 3, 2011

 The Penn State Nittany Lions have now reeled off seven straight wins, enough to put them on top of the Big Ten. But if you like nailbiters then the Nittany Lions are your team. Penn State victories have come by narrow margins in the 2011 college football season, but hey, good enough is good enough. There’s no law says that you have to win big, you just have to win.

 Right now Nittany Lions tickets are the talk of the town, with Penn State carrying a substantial lead into the last few games of the season. With a 5-0 record in their part of the conference, and their last loss happening way back against the Crimson Tide, Penn State got a break this week but must face a tough schedule to end the college foot ball season. The lineup includes away games against Wisconsin and Ohio State, with the Nebraska Cornhuskers at home.

 Having recently put another notch in his belt with his 409th win, Joe Paterno can take it all in stride. He’s been there before and if anything, Joe Paterno is consistent. Running the table at this point would put Paterno right there with his latest accomplishments on a par with an early career high. Can Joe Paterno take his Penn State Nittany Lions back to the top of the Big Ten? I don’t know but it sure is nice to see the old codger come back from the criticisms of the last few years. The older the violin the sweeter the tune.

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