NFL – New York Jets a Mystery

by on March 8, 2014 updated March 8, 2014



 The New York jets will soon be out in the ether, trying to piece together a team that can compete for a playoff spot. New management is in control and in the NFL that means change. Jets fans can expect a roster overhaul as the new guy cleans house. That means some familiar names may not be around. Mark Sanchez is one. The struggling QB hasn’t done anything to redeem himself as of late and with a new broom, well, you know. Santonio Holmes may go as well as Cromartie and a few other lesser names as New York manuevers for room under the cap. They should get plenty of it.

 The biggest question is what the New York Jets plan to do at quarterback. As we said earlier, Sanchez has become a focal point of fan contempt, perhaps justifiably, perhaps not. His tendency to throw the big pick in crucial situations infuriates fans and frustrates coaches. Geno Smith on the other hand, didn’t fare much better last season but at least he can be defended with the experience factor. Could the Jets make a play here? Michael Vick is a possible stopgap measure. But the Jets also needs help at wide receiver so the quarterback situation must be improved in order to lure some free agent talent.

 While the fans in New York would like to see the Jets make big moves and become a playoff team overnight (what fans don’t?), the odds are that any type of real contender is a season or so away from 2014. New York needs solid players in free agency and solid picks in this draft and the next to compete in any real way. Patience is in short supply for the Jets fans but they’ll have to find some before this franchise turns around.

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