NFL Wild Card Tickets – NFC Madness

by on December 29, 2008 updated December 29, 2008

 We are now on the road to the Super Bowl. The remaining teams, however improbable, do have a shot at a Lombardi Trophy. Other teams, like the Dallas Cowboys, are wondering where it all went. The matchups for the NFC this weekend offer some intriguing scenarios.

Atlanta Falcons vs Arizona Cardinals – Who in their right mind would have picked the Atlanta Falcons to go 11-5 and end up in the playoffs? They are the true Phoenix of the NFC. From total disarray to Super Bowl contender in one season? Hats off to the Falcons. The Arizona Cardinals have benefited from a weak weak NFC West. But they are still in the hunt. They’ll have to capture some early season magic and cast off the malaise of late though. Can they do it? Nah. the Falcons will win big.

Philadelphia Eagles vs Minnesota Vikings – I have to say I’m hard pressed to pick this one. The Eagles drained the luck pot to get in, although they have won 4 of their last 5. The Vikings will be relying on Adrian Peterson but the key is Gus Frerrote against Donovan McNabb. It’s time for that Vikings D-Line to earn their pay so I’m going to say Minnesota in a squeaker.


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